the network was founded summer 1995 named megaradio your big91.8fm we broacast to Neighborhood of 100 people for 5years 2000 renamed station to mega1074 fm and we bigger tranmitter playing mix of music to over 1000 people till jan 2005 when we were visted by Radio Authority who said what we were doing was we give up our transmitter No further action to be taken then we got our break in 2006 with internet radio we launched mega1050 playing 80s 90s then 2010 renamed it to hits radio playing hit music i.e top40 the increase with level in listeners was to much for our little server so 2012 i found my radio stream great servce 1000 slots stable servers very good for your money and A1 custmer servce we are on tune in radio app for mobile tabs search hits radio live east kent join us on social networks on email

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