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WNEC-FM - New England College Radio Live From the Campus of New England College -


Broadcasting since 1971

Frequency: 91.7 FM

Total wattage: 150

WNEC first began as the New England College Radio Club in the mid 1960’s. In 1969, two members of the Radio Club, Phil Reeder and Bob Jewell, worked with New England College President Jere Chase to create a formal plan for a college radio station that became WNEC-FM.

Construction began in the basement of the Danforth Library after the Federal Communications Commission issued a construction permit to build a Class D, 10 watt non-commercial educational FM radio station on September 11, 1970. Phil Reeder designed the studios to include one for broadcasting and another for production and training. WNEC also had an Associated Press teletype for the latest news.

On February 9, 1971, the FCC authorized the station to turn on their transmitter and WNEC, 91.7 FM, came to life. At that time roughly

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