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Dharma Radio Malayalam from Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage (www.iish.org). 24 hr educational net radio of Sanatana dharma. Recorded audios from the discourses of the motivational speaker Dr N. Gopalakrishnan (Scientist & Director of IISH), and other IISH team. Learning and teaching the scientific, technological and cultural heritage of India with a scientific, rational and logical, patriotic and nationalistic vision. Other IISH websites:
Dharma News www.dharmanews.in
Dharma Messages (English only) www.dharmamessages.in
ധർമ്മ റേഡിയോ മലയാളം. www.dharmaradio.net, dharmaradio.in
ലോകാ സമസ്താ സുഖിനോ ഭവന്തു.

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