Chris Mike Zoo is led by veteran radio personalities Chris Collins, a national radio and television talent and Mike Reynolds, featuring his signature quick wit and razor-sharp comedic mind. The "Zoo" is comprised of the talents of Rob the Bartender, Gruesome Gary, "Crazy" Christy, our Flower Child - Autumn and Killer Bee with the very special guest talents of Dancin' Diana aka Cocktail Barbie, 3-time World Boxing Champion - Tony "The Tiger" Lopez, Magic Matt and KK.

Chris Mike Zoo was one of the most successful morning radio shows in the history of Northern California, from its beginnings in 1983 at KSFM 102.5 in Sacramento, California to its present reformation as a successful internet show, Chris Mike Zoo has once again become one of the funniest national radio programs.Want to find out more? Then find us on Facebook, Twitter or Enjoy the show and hang on because it's going to be a very bumpy ride! Oh....and our apologies for Killer Bee in advance.