Statistics Relay for SHOUTcast V2 in SAM Broadcaster

SomeĀ  versions of SAM Broadcaster don’t support statistic relays for Shoutcast V2 servers, however there is a workaround for this.

In the Statistic Relay settings, it will ask for your server address/host, port and password. Enter your address/host and password as normal. The port should then be entered in the following format:


Change 8000 to your port number.

Once you’ve added the extra values to your port, the statistics should start working again. If not then use the ‘Force Update’ option a few times until it does.

Not able to start your V2 server?

We have had a few users report that they can’t start their V2 server. In almost every case it was due to the ‘stream password’ and ‘admin password’ being the same.

If you have any problems starting your server then please change your admin password to something different.

We will be adding an update in the week to disallow the same password to be entered as the stream and admin passwords.

Update: We have now added a fix to the control panel that updates the admin password if it’s the same as the stream password.

Google Chrome Changes

As of the most recent update of Google Chrome, they have decided to stop supporting the ICY headers that are used by Shoutcast 1.9.

We have made updates to our system to ensure that listeners using Chrome can still listen without any problems using our player. However, if you are an upgraded user and use a alternative Flash/HTML5 player on your website then you may find that some listeners can’t connect to your stream.

You can fix this by either using our web player, or you can change your Shoutcast server to version 2.4 via the user area.

Making your Shoutcast V2 server public

A few extra steps are required to make a V2 server public, this involved setting up an AuthHash. To do this simply:

  1. Log in at
  2. Scroll down to AuthHash
  3. Click the Manage AuthHash button
  4. Click Create AuthHash – this will log you into your DNAS Admin
  5. Enter your station details and click the Create AuthHash button
  6. Save your changes and this will take you back to the control panel

DNS Outage

In the last hour, one of our service providers experienced an outage which affected our DNS servers. The issue is now resolved and we don’t expect any more problems.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience.