Google Chrome now supports V1 again

Late last year, Google Chrome made technical changes that effectively stopped Chrome users from being able to listen to Shoutcast V1 streams.

It has been brought to our attention that Chrome now supports V1 again so web players will work in all browsers as they did previously.

SHOUTcast updates

We have now updated all Shoutcast V2 servers to the latest version (2.5.1).

Please restart your server to complete the upgrade if you use V2 mode.

New DNAS Version Available:

Some customers may see the following message on their server if using V2:

“Please login or see here to find out more about the new DNAS version.
Please install this update as soon as possible, thank you.”

We will be applying updates next week, please don’t open a support ticket regarding this – the update will be rolled out to all customers from Monday.

Frozen and slow responding servers

Since more users have been updating to Shoutcast V2, we have had rare occurrences of servers freezing and causing the control panel to ‘hang’ when logging in. Restarting the server didn’t always work as the frozen process couldn’t be stopped.

A new feature has been introduced from today that will detect on login when a server is loading very slowly or frozen and give the option to force a hard restart – this will stop the frozen process and restart your server, eliminating the need to open a support ticket and wait for the issue to be resolved manually.

Minor changes and improvements to the control panel

We have made changes to the control panel layout to make the server settings clearer in a more prominent position on the page along with some other small tweaks.

You can also now change your server, this is for cases when the server is hosted far from the broadcast location which can cause skipping and buffering in some cases. Users no longer need to contact support for a server change, simply click the ‘Change’ button next to the ‘Address / Host’ setting and choose a new server from those available.