Rocket Broadcaster is brand new and we highly recommend it due to its simplicity, you can configure and start broadcasting in less than a minute with Rocket.

Unlike Altacast, Rocket comes with an MP3 encoder built in so you don't have to find additional files to install. In addition, one of the things we really like about this is that you can capture metadata from any program - so no matter how you play your files (through a media player or even your browser), you can automatically capture the song titles without any complicated configuration.

Configuring Your Stream

1) Download from and install the software as normal.

2) Open the program and naviagate to Broadcast > Streams

Broadcast - Streams

3) Fill in the stream details that we have provided you with - remember to select correct server type (most customers use Shoutcast) and enter your Hostname (Server Address), Port and Password. Click OK.

Connection Details

4) You are now ready to start broadcasting! Hit the Start Broadcast button

Start Broadcast

The Status will show that you are successfully streaming:

On Air

Optional - Setting Song Titles

One of the great things about Rocket is that you can get the song title metadata from any media player. This is really simple:

1) Naviagate to Broadcast > Metadata Capture

Metadata Capture

2) Tick the box at the top of the window and select the program that you want to use for your Metadata

Select Program

The song title on your server will now automatically update when your player does.