Why is my server private? Can you make it public?

The 'Private' status simply means that your stream is not listed on the Shoutcast website, listeners can hear your stream from the URL that we provide (this can be customized in the control panel)....

 Why do my listeners see 'Access Denied'?

Our free service is ad-supported so your listeners must tune in via the player that we provide you with. This can be found by logging into your account at, you can customize your...

 Can I embed my stream onto my own webpage or link directly to my stream?

Not on Free accounts, in order to add a web player to your own website you will need to upgrad to a Webcaster Plus account

 How can I remove ads?

If you upgrade to a Webcaster Plus account then we will remove the ads from your station page.

 Can listeners tune in on a mobile device?

Not on free accounts. If you would like to activate mobile device support then please upgrade to a Webcaster Plus account.

 Why can't my station be heard in Second Life?

The free service is not suitable for use in Second Life as your listeners cannot directly tune in to your Shoutcast stream. If you need direct server access for your listeners, then please upgrade...

 Why do I have to restart my server after I haven't used it for a while?

The very high demand that our free streaming service attracts means that the servers have to work very hard to keep lots of streams online. In order to save resources, inactive servers are closed...