Can I stream copyrighted material? How about royalties?

We provide streaming bandwidth for bands, artists, radio stations and religious organisations to use. We do not pay royalties on your behalf. You must get permission or a license from the copyright holder before playing copyrighted content.

We are unable to provide any kind of legal advice regarding your legal obligations as they may differ between territories. If you are in doubt about the legality of streaming any particular content, you should seek legal advice.

If you have created the material that you are playing, then in most cases it will be completely legal for you to stream that music unless you've sold the work to a publisher or record label. For example, if you are a band promoting you own material or if you host a talk-only radio show.

If you do play copyrighted material without the consent of the owner then you do so at your own risk.

We offer copyright owners the ability to report infringements and will suspend any account that is acting illegally. We reserve the right to periodically check content streamed by users and will suspend accounts that we reasonably believe are breaking the law.