Web Players

We recommend that you give your listeners the option to listen with their preferred player using your .pls or .m3u links, however you may also want to embed a web player onto your website.This can help you to engage more with your listeners as they are required to stay on your website to listen.

MixStream Palyer

This is our own flash player and is also available on our sister site at mixstream.net

One of the main features is that unlike almost all other web players, it includes real VU level meters (one per channel).


Muses Palyer

Open source Flash/HTML5 player that is compatible with MP3, Ogg and other formats.


SoundManager 2 Palyer

SoundManager 2 provides simple, reliable cross-platform audio under a single JavaScript API. Unlike the options above, this will require some coding but is much more flexible for anyone with good knowledge of HTML/Javascript/CSS.