It appears that is down for maintenance and therefore customers will find that their server cannot connect to the YP. You may get a message on your DNAS saying that your server is ‘private’, this is normal when a server is unable to connect to the YP. This does not affect your service and your listeners can still tune in as normal, it’s just the Shoutcast website that’s not loading.

If you are using BUTT to stream to your server then we recommend you update to the latest version as soon as possible. Outdated versions of BUTT (0.1.15 and lower) don’t work with the latest version of Shoutcast (2.5.5).

Please download the latest version 0.1.16 here:

EDIT: We have made this post sticky again as some customers are still using the old version of BUTT and unable to connect when updating Shoutcast.

We have updated SHOUTcast on all servers from build 732 to 733. If you’ve experienced any issues since the SHOUTcast 2.5.5 update then please restart your server to update it to the latest build.

This latest build addresses in particular a bug that has caused some low bitrate streams from working. If you had to revert back to V1 to fix this then you can now update to V2 again.

We have updated our web player with some improvements. If you prefer the keep the old player on your website then there is no need to make any changes, it will continue to work as normal.

The new player features:

– Completely re-written to work properly with Shoutcast V2.5 as well as V1
– Add logo and background images
– Change the style and size of the player without editing your code
– New HTML5 players available (better compatibility with mobile devices, doesn’t require Flash plugin)
– Flash alternative still available, with HTML5 fallback
– More styles to be added

We recommend using the new code as the old player will no longer be updated.

We are testing new ways to monetize the player on free accounts, upgraded users are completely ad-free.

We will be performing important maintenance on the following servers in order to improve stability over the next week starting from tomorrow (29/09/2017)

29/09/2017 s1, s2, s4, s5, s6
02/10/2017 s7, s8, s9, s11, s12
03/10/2017 s13, s14, s15, s17, s40
04/10/2017 s43, s44, s45, s46

Each server will experience downtime of around 15-30 minutes and maintenance will be carried out during non-peak times. When the server comes back online, if you are using Shoutcast 2.5 then it will automatically update from 2.5.1 to 2.5.5.


We are currently in the process of updating servers to the latest SHOUTcast DNAS. We will be posting updates in the user area with further info as and when individual servers are updated.

A follow up message will be posted here once all servers are up to date.

We has a small number of reports that the Web Player was no longer working in Edge and Chrome, we have updated the code and it is now working again. If you have any problems with the player then please open a support ticket stating your browser and version.

Late last year, Google Chrome made technical changes that effectively stopped Chrome users from being able to listen to Shoutcast V1 streams.

It has been brought to our attention that Chrome now supports V1 again so web players will work in all browsers as they did previously.