Icecast is now available to Webcaster Plus users!

Due to popular demand, we have added Icecast as an option for all Webcaster Plus users. You can log in and change over to Icecast, which is in the Server Type list under Server Settings. There is no extra charge and you can switch back to Shoutcast at any time, your server address and port will not be affected so the changes are reversible if you change your mind.

There are several different Icecast modes, including Standard, AutoDJ Switching and Shoutcast compatible. For more information on the different Icecast modes, see the article at

We have also configured Icecast to support secure SSL/TLS streaming as standard.

Other improvements

We have also been working on some minor improvements to the control panel.

Listener History

The country list has been tweaked:
Countries are now ordered by listening hour
Countries with no tuneins are omitted from the list.

Log Downloads

You can now download your full W3C server logs from the past 6 months.

Go to Listener History page, click the Countries dropdown and a Download link is at the bottom of the country list.

We have now added SHOUTcast 2.6 as an option in the user area. We recommend using this version if you have a ‘new style’ authhash.

If you need to update from 2.5 then log into the user area and scroll down to Server Settings > Server Type. You will now see the option for SHOUTcast 2.6.

We have decided not to automatically force the update for all customers as many are still using the old style of Authhash to get listed on the SHOUTcast YP.

Unsure which version to use?

If you are not listed on the SHOUTcast YP then you can use an version.

If you have an old style Authhash, which is a string of letters and numbers only (e.g gM7nnd9TFjP94yE7EdJr), then use V2.5

If you have a new style Authhash, which contains dashes along with letters and numbers (e.g hNw3RgDg-W66u-pm8S-YAh7-aHGs8JWCBg4V), then use V2.6

Note: The authhashes above are randomly generated and will not work. They are intended only as examples to show the difference between the new and old formats.

We are currently experiencing slowness on the website, this is being investigated and we expect the issue to resolved shortly.

Thank you for your patience.

It appears that is down for maintenance and therefore customers will find that their server cannot connect to the YP. You may get a message on your DNAS saying that your server is ‘private’, this is normal when a server is unable to connect to the YP. This does not affect your service and your listeners can still tune in as normal, it’s just the Shoutcast website that’s not loading.

If you are using BUTT to stream to your server then we recommend you update to the latest version as soon as possible. Outdated versions of BUTT (0.1.15 and lower) don’t work with the latest version of Shoutcast (2.5.5).

Please download the latest version 0.1.16 here:

EDIT: We have made this post sticky again as some customers are still using the old version of BUTT and unable to connect when updating Shoutcast.

We have updated SHOUTcast on all servers from build 732 to 733. If you’ve experienced any issues since the SHOUTcast 2.5.5 update then please restart your server to update it to the latest build.

This latest build addresses in particular a bug that has caused some low bitrate streams from working. If you had to revert back to V1 to fix this then you can now update to V2 again.