We are currently in the process of updating Shoutcast 2.6.0 to 2.6.1. This includes several welcome improvements such as native HTTPS support (no proxy required) and the lifting of the 128k limit for streams listed on the Shoutcast YP.

We will be updating servers over the next few weeks, if you are using Shoutcast 2.6 then it will restart when the update is complete which will result in a disconnection for approximately 10 seconds.

Updated servers:

s1 s2 s3 s4 s5 s6 s7 s8 s9 s10 s11 s12 s13 s14 s15 s16 s17 s18 s23 s26 s27 s28 s30 s32 s33 s34 s36 s37 s38 s39 s40 s41 s42 s43 s44 s45 s46 s47 s48


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Due to a recent update in Google Chrome, plain HTTP content (such as audio streams) will not be played for some Chrome users if hosted on a TLS enabled web page. Previously, the user would have seen a ‘mixed content’ warning.

The player that we provide with your account automatically detects whether a TLS stream is required (this has been the case for some time now as it avoided the mixed content warnings), but if you are using any other player (such as your own HTML5 player or a third party player) on your TLS enabled website then you will need to change your stream URL to the secure version.

To obtain your TLS stream URL, please log in at https://myradiostream.com/user/ and next to your server settings you will see your Stream URL – you will need to use the one with a green padlock icon next to it if your player is on a TLS enabled web page.

If you use Shoutcast then the TLS stream is provided via a web proxy.
Icecast servers support TLS natively – this makes it more reliable than using a proxy.

What is TLS?
TLS was formerly known as SSL and is the name of the encryption that’s used for securing web pages. You can tell if a web page is TLS enabled by looking at the URL – if it starts with https:// and not http:// then it is TLS enabled.

Do I need to make changes if my website isn’t TLS enabled?
No, if your web page starts with http:// then you don’t need to use the TLS enabled stream URL.

Icecast is now available to Webcaster Plus users!

Due to popular demand, we have added Icecast as an option for all Webcaster Plus users. You can log in and change over to Icecast, which is in the Server Type list under Server Settings. There is no extra charge and you can switch back to Shoutcast at any time, your server address and port will not be affected so the changes are reversible if you change your mind.

There are several different Icecast modes, including Standard, AutoDJ Switching and Shoutcast compatible. For more information on the different Icecast modes, see the article at https://myradiostream.com/get-started/guides/?/126/Icecast-V24.html

We have also configured Icecast to support secure SSL/TLS streaming as standard.

Other improvements

We have also been working on some minor improvements to the control panel.

Listener History

The country list has been tweaked:
Countries are now ordered by listening hour
Countries with no tuneins are omitted from the list.

Log Downloads

You can now download your full W3C server logs from the past 6 months.

Go to Listener History page, click the Countries dropdown and a Download link is at the bottom of the country list.

We have now added SHOUTcast 2.6 as an option in the user area. We recommend using this version if you have a ‘new style’ authhash.

If you need to update from 2.5 then log into the user area and scroll down to Server Settings > Server Type. You will now see the option for SHOUTcast 2.6.

We have decided not to automatically force the update for all customers as many are still using the old style of Authhash to get listed on the SHOUTcast YP.

Unsure which version to use?

If you are not listed on the SHOUTcast YP then you can use an version.

If you have an old style Authhash, which is a string of letters and numbers only (e.g gM7nnd9TFjP94yE7EdJr), then use V2.5

If you have a new style Authhash, which contains dashes along with letters and numbers (e.g hNw3RgDg-W66u-pm8S-YAh7-aHGs8JWCBg4V), then use V2.6

Note: The authhashes above are randomly generated and will not work. They are intended only as examples to show the difference between the new and old formats.

We are currently experiencing slowness on the website, this is being investigated and we expect the issue to resolved shortly.

Thank you for your patience.